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Can the Education Nation Movement Finally Reveal the Truth About Card Debt and the Federal Reserve?

March 10th, 2021

If the new Education Nation movement truly succeeds in getting qualified teachers to show people how credit card debt and the Federal Reserve operate then the national debt will begin to dry up, the economy will flourish and newly produced student scientists and inventors can actually start solving Earths’ problems. If they fail, it could mark the end of our Constitution and our nation as we know it.

Some inquisitive Americans are finally waking up to the fact that education is the key to preventing man-made catastrophes such as the present depression we are experiencing which produces a domino effect knocking citizens down one by one as their wealth and dignity are stripped by the rich.

While the Nation waits for an “educational bailout” which will be controlled by the banking lobbyists telling congressional members which way to vote, you might want to pick up your domino and remove yourself immediately from a life of debt slavery by gaining a financial education light years ahead of the pack.

If you are a teacher, you will probably see the question “do you know how the Federal Reserve and card debt work” on a qualification test. If you answer “yes” you will not qualify, be sent to the unemployment lines wearing a dunce cap, so intentionally miss this question or avoid this knowledge altogether.

Now that you have some pros and cons of financial education you’ll have the choice of entering a true age of Enlightenment or you can sit back and wait for the next bailout flying under the education banner to pass billions of dollars up the line with millions in bonuses handed out as usual to those who succeed in getting your money and still suppressing your knowledge!

If you’re ready to search America’s historical knowledge base then Google “the gig is up – money the Federal Reserve and you” before the education bailout top guns force these little pieces of history into oblivion. Be warned your life will never be the same after seeing the gig!

Now that you are educated about the Federal Reserve and plastic money it’s time to cut the umbilical cord to free yourself from the bonds of financial slavery. You’ll find the scalpel you need by searching “FTC debt video” which is a government cartoon version of a 1966 law stating what proof of a debt really means. No proof means nothing owed and you’re free to go!

Debt collectors are simply telemarketers trying to coerce money from you. They can never prove you owe a penny over the phone and written collection notices are your opportunity to demand legal proof that you owe anyone anything. Use the search term “MSN money – debt collector bullies at it again” to see proof that 95% of collectors have absolutely nothing in the way of proof!

If the Education Nation fails to reveal the truth about debt and the Federal Reserve, at least you know how to rid yourself of it, shrink the banking cartels and remove their power. It’s up to every individual to keep our constitutional rights of freedom and the rule of law even if public education fails.